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Prepare for Changes at the DOL

President Biden has nominated Boston Mayor Marty Walsh (D), a former union leader, to serve as the nation’s next Secretary of Labor. His confirmation is likely and if so, he will be the first union leader in almost 50 years to serve as Labor Secretary.

So what will this mean for U.S. businesses? It is anticipated that Mr. Walsh, who joined the Laborers’ Union Local at age 21, will bring significant shifts to the policies of the DOL (Department of Labor).

  • *The Walsh-Biden team may push Congress to raise the Federal minimum wage to $15.00 per hour, from the current $7.25

  • Increased muscle from OSHA. Biden has promised to increase the number of inspectors. It is currently at it’s lowest number in it’s 49 year history.

  • Wage & hour: Current policies on workers’ classifications will see closer scrutiny. Aggressive enforcement against employers who misclassify employees as independent contractors in order to deny them benefits and protections is likely to ramp up.

  • Marty Walsh has been a vocal advocate for paid family leave. Expect an expansion of the current FMLA legislation to include mandatory payments.

  • It is expected that a Secretary Walsh would rescind the new regulations on worker classifications recently issued by the previous administration

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